Where do we sell our products?
  1. The US markets and Canada
  2. The Middle East, in particular Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait
  3. Australia, Brunei, and Japan
  4. Italy, the  Netherlands, Switzerland
What is Pixcel Transglobal Foods Incorporated

Pixcel Transglobal Foods Incorporated  is a

  1. Export consolidator of assorted Filipino products to different markets, importers, exporters, traders, wholesalers, and retailers whether Foreign or domestic.
  2. Manufacturer and developer of  the Florence and Lutong Bahay brands of sweet preserves, marine products, and condiments, Golden Goose brand of noodles
  3. Trader and repacker of frozen, dried, and processed fruits and vegetables
  4. Trader and repacker of dried and smoked marine products
  5. Private Label processor, starting from product development up to volume production
Who can benefit from the services we offer?
  1. Importers looking for Filipino products that they want to bring in to their country
  2. Distributors and Wholesalers who wish to avail of competitively priced products from the Philippines that they can sell to their target buyers
  3. Brand managers who wish to have Filipino products manufactured under their own label